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How To Stop Addiction

February 4th, 2021

Addiction is a difficult thing to live with. Many people face this beast each and every day of their lives. Addiction can detract from families, break apart relationships or cause problems in the workplace. An addiction can take over the entire life of a person and cause them a lot of pain and hardship. There are ways to stop the habit and get back to leading a life free from the symptoms of addiction.

Realize You Have a Problem

The first step to recovery is to realize you have a problem. Many addicts know they have a problem but are unable to deal with the problem on their own. Once the individual knows that they have a problem the emotions they feel towards their addictive patterns can be overwhelming. Often what is needed is some help to cure the addiction as the he or she is often just not able to do this on their own.

Seek Outside Help

The addict will more than likely need some type of outside help. This is usually in the form of a treatment center or within a group of other recovering addicts. The addict may go there on their own free will or a family member may have to help get them there. This may require the help of professionals and an intervention needs to be done where the addict is confronted with their problem and asked to seek treatment for it.

Once in treatment the addict will go through withdrawal from their addiction which is often quite traumatic but the professionals there have medications and other options which help the patient heal. Often exercise, and nutrition are added to the treatment program so the addict gets as much healing as possible. Treatment can last several weeks or longer depending upon the nature of the addictions the person faces. Usually the symptoms of withdrawal will take days or weeks to subside, the symptoms of addiction can last months or years and usually about 2-3 years into recovery the addict can feel a sense of freedom from the addiction.


Treatment centers offer support options where the addict will get counseling to deal with both the physical side of addiction as well as the emotional side. In many cases it’s the emotional side which is the hardest to get over. A person may have gone through trauma in their life which makes giving up an addiction very difficult. The addiction is used as a crutch to cover up the traumatic event or as a coping mechanism. The support they get can help the addict finally recover.

Outpatient Care

Another way to help stop addiction is with outpatient care. Once the addict is well enough they will be let back into the real world. In some cases addiction starts again so outpatient care can help deal with these issues. The recovering addict may also go for therapy sessions for a long time after their release from a recovery session which helps them heal further. The addict needs these extra sessions to continue the job of working through emotions and to get used to the real world again and the pressures that are put on people.